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Local Agency Links

City of Davis/UC Davis

City of Davis - Water Supply Feasibility Study

UC Davis-Davis-Woodland Joint Water Supply Feasiblity Study

UC Davis Long Range Development Plan

UC Davis Wastewater Plant Study

Putah Creek Riparian Reserve Management Plan (12 MB pdf file)

City of Woodland

City of Woodland - Storm Water Management Plan

City of Woodland - Flood Protection Issue Document Archives

City of Woodland - Winter Storm Information

City of Woodland - eNewsletter Archives

City of Woodland - Park Draft Specific Plan

City of Woodland - Half Cent Sales Tax Extension

Yolo County

Yolo County General Plan

Yolo County Storm Water Management Program

Yolo County Planning & Public Works

City of Winters

City of Winters - Downtown Master Plan (pdf file)

City of Winters - General Master Plan (pdf file)

Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District

YCFCWCD Water Management Plan

YCFCWCD Reports Download Page

City of West Sacramento

City of West Sacramento - Public Works

City of West Sacramento - General Plan Policy (pdf file)

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