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Water Conditions Links

California Dept. of Water Resources 

California Statewide Water Conditions

Water Conservation

California State Climatologist

Climatologist website with CA climate data and information http://www.water.ca.gov/floodmgmt/hafoo/csc/climate_data/

Reservoir Daily levels http://cdec.water.ca.gov/cgi-progs/reservoirs/RES


Water Education Foundation

Educational water resources   http://www.water-ed.org/watersources/


Drought Links

UC Davis Drought Watch http://drought.ucdavis.edu/

Central Valley Project  and State Water Project Drought Operations Plan and Operational Forecast for April 1 thru November 15, 2014

Drought Impact Reporter http://droughtreporter.unl.edu/

US Drought Portal  http://www.drought.gov:80/portal/server.pt/community/current_drought

U.S. Drought Monitor  http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/

National Drought Mitigation Center  http://drought.unl.edu/

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