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Cache Creek Integrated Project - Flood & Water Management Components (IA3)

NEW! Cache Creek Fisheries Survey 2008 (Technical Report by Stillwater Sciences)

IRWMP (April 2007) - Section 7 Cache Creek Integrated Project Final Report 2007 for IRWMP

Cache Creek Flood Management Subcommittee - Press Release Sept. 2006

The Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District (YCFC&WCD), City of Woodland, and Yolo County created a two-year pilot program, floodSAFE Yolo. The floodSAFE Yolo program coordinates the flood management efforts associated with the Cache Creek Integrated Action and the Yolo County Sloughs, Canals & Creeks Management Program identified in the Yolo County IRWMP.  The IRWMP was adopted by the WRA and its member agencies in July 2007. This joint venture, floodSAFE Yolo, seeks effective solutions to the seasonal flooding of Cache Creek and the localized floodplain that impacts all three jurisdictions in different ways. The YCFC&WCD is taking a leadership role in the jointly-funded $600,000 effort, setting up a new division dedicated to flood and storm issues, and overseeing the project's technical staff and flood control planning activities. Water engineer, Fran Borcalli, is the program manager and an assistant position will be added in the near future. In addition to working on flood control solutions, a priority will be to develop a sustainable funding mechanism for collaborative flood control management after the 2-year pilot program ends.  More information about the floodSAFE Yolo Pilot Program and Program activities can be found on the YCFC&WCD website.

floodSAFE Yolo Pilot Program: 1st Annual Report 2008; 2nd Annual Report 2009

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