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IRWMP Integrated Actions

The IRWMP identifies eight integrated actions that would greatly improve water resource management in Yolo County. The integrated actions presented in Sections 5.0 and 7.0 are diverse and involve many entities and stakeholders. The breadth of involvement recognizes that Yolo County is made up of very different subregions or subwatersheds from the standpoint of resources, resource issues and opportunities, and includes numerous jurisdictional or implementing entities and intraregional associations.  Recognizing the diversity of authority and responsibility, the IRWMP identifies a lead partner or partners for each integrated action.

The eight integrated actions are listed below. Please click on each link for additional information on the project and their lead partner(s).

  • Davis-Woodland Water Supply Project (IA1)
  • Reclamation District 2035 Sacramento River Diversion & Conveyance Project (IA2)
  • Cache Creek Integrated Project - Flood & Water Management Components (IA3)
  • Dunnigan Integrated Project (IA4)
  • Sacramento River West Bank Integrated Project (IA5)
  • Putah Creek Integrated Project (IA6)
  • Yolo Bypass Integrated Project (IA7)
  • Yolo County Sloughs, Canals, & Creeks Management Program (IA8)

For more information about public workshops that were held for some of the Integrated Actions, please visit Public Involvement.

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