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Roster of Members and Officers

Board Officers - 2019

  • Roger Cornwell, Chair
  • Jesse Loren, Vice-chair
  • Tim O'Halloran, Treasurer
  • Elisa Sabatini, Technical Committee Chair and Alternate Treasurer

Board of Directors - 2019

  • Roger Cornwell, Reclamation District 108, WRA Chair
  • Jesse Loren, City of Winters, WRA Vice-chair
  • Brett Lee, City of Davis
  • Xochitl Rodriguez, City of Woodland
  • Martha Guerrero, City of West Sacramento
  • Cynthia Peterson, Dunnigan Water District
  • Robert Thomas, Reclamation District 2035
  • Camille Kirk, University of California Davis
  • Gary Sandy, Yolo County
  • Tom Barth, Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District

Board of Directors - Alternate

  • Tim O'Halloran, Yolo County Flood Control & WCD, WRA Treasurer
  • Wade Cowan & Kurt Balasek, City of Winters
  • Jim Provenza, Yolo County
  • Mabel Salon, University of California Davis
  • Angel Barajas, City of Woodland
  • Dan Carson, City of Davis
  • Denix Anbiah, City of West Sacramento
  • Bill Vanderwaal, Dunnigan Water District
  • Mike Hall, Reclamation District 2035
  • Bill Vanderwaal & Hilary Reinhard, Reclamation District 108

WRA Staff

  • Donna Gentile, Administrative Coordinator

Associate Members (non-voting)

  • Cache Creek Conservancy, Woodland
  • Lynnel Pollock, Woodland
  • Reclamation District 2068, Yolo & Solano Counties
  • West Yost Associates, Davis
  • Yolo Basin Foundation, Davis
  • Yolo County Resource Conservation District, Woodland
  • 5 G Consulting, LLC, Sacramento

Executive Committee Members

  • Roger Cornwell, WRA Chair
  • Jesse Loren, WRA Vice-Chair
  • Tim O'Halloran, YCFC&WCD, WRA Treasurer
  • Elisa Sabatini,Yolo County, WRA Technical Committee Chair
  • Kurt Balasek, City of Winters, Ad Hoc Committee Member

Technical Committee Members

The Technical Committee consists of participating WRA Member Agencies, Associate Members & Local Stakeholders. Current members are listed here.
  • Elisa Sabatini, Yolo County, Committee Co-Chair
  • Max Stevenson, YCFC&WCD, Committee Co-Chair
  • Tim O'Halloran, Kristin Sicke, YCFC&WCD
  • Camille Kirk, UC Davis
  • Craig Locke & Matt Cohen, City of Woodland
  • Chris Kania, City of West Sacramento
  • Dawn Calciano, City of Davis
  • Bill Vanderwaal, Dunnigan Water District & RD 108
  • Mike Hall, Reclamation District 2035
  • Bryan Busch, Reclamation District 2068
  • Carol Scianna & Kurt Balasek, City of Winters
  • Jeanette Wrysinski, Yolo County Resource Conservation District
  • Nancy Ullrey, Cache Creek Conservancy
  • Martha Ozonoff, Yolo Basin Foundation
  • Rich Marovich, Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee
  • Stephen McCord, McCord Environmental, Inc.
  • Barrett Kaasa, CA Dept. of Water Resources
  • Kent Anderson, Putah Creek Council
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