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As of September 2022, the WRA is now Dissolved

For up to date information on water resources in Yolo County, please visit the Yolo Subbasin Groundwater Agency at http://yologroundwater.org.


For almost 30 years the WRA has served a critical role in water resource planning in Yolo County, including serving as the lead agency in the development of the 2007 Yolo County Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP), and as the region’s representative on the 2013 Sacramento Westside IRWMP.

Due to the passage of SGMA in 2015, the mission and services of the WRA have been absorbed into the Yolo Subbasin Groundwater Agency.


WRA Projects

Westside-Sacramento IRWMP Meetings & News

Upcoming meetings & documents: http://www.westsideirwm.com/

Westside IRWM Disadvantaged/ Unincorporated Communities Study September 2018 by Dr. Jonathan London, UC Davis. Final study is available here.


WRA Funded Projects

The WRA Project Fund has been suspended for FY2017-18 and FY2018-19. Details about this suspension and previous fiscal year projects funded by WRA can be found here


WRA Annual Newsletter

Read what topics and projects have kept the WRA's members busy.

Newsletter Achives



SGMA Meetings & Activities

For SGMA information and outreach activities please go to the dedicated website http://yologroundwater.org/. Sign up to receive meeting notices and updates.


Storm Water Resource Plan Grant (SWRP)

Final Yolo County SWRP has been completed. Please visit the SWRP webpage for details.


Water Education Resources

Look here to find lots of resources on topics such as: Water Conservation, Drought Tolerant Landscaping, and general watershed and water education links.


Who is the Water Resources Association of Yolo County?

A consortium of public water purveying entities organized in 1993, the ten-member Water Resources Association of Yolo County is a nonprofit, mutual-benefit corporation created to provide a regional forum to coordinate and facilitate solutions to water management issues in Yolo County. Governed by a board of directors with a representative from each of its member agencies. To find out more about the WRA member agencies please go to About Us.

Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Yolo Subbasin Groundwater Agency (YSGA) - June 2017

The first meeting of the Board of Directors was held on June 19, 2017. Board members representing each of the 19 member agencies were present and officially took office. The membership is comprised of municipal and rural agencies in Yolo County. Additionally there are four Affiliated Party agencies that are members of the Board and a fifth representing environmental parties. The formation of the YSGA is a culmination of a two year effort to implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) in Yolo County. This effort included a series of collaborative public outreach meetings with stakeholders that was co-sponsored by the Yolo County Farm Bureau and the Water Resources Association of Yolo County. Under the leadership of Tim O'Halloran, General Manager of the Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, the SGMA Working Group subcommittee spent many hours defining this new agency to identify its membership, budget and governance structure. Now that the agency is officially created, work efforts will begin to navigate the intricacies of developing a Sustainable Groundwater Plan by 2022.  For more details about the YSGA, its first Board meeting and groundwater issues in Yolo County, click here.

SGMA Groundwater Meetings - February 2017

Local groundwater managers hosted two public meetings on the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) implementation process and provided an update on the progress that was made since the 2016 public meetings.  The purpose of these meetings was to give an overview of SGMA, an update on the formation of a Groundwater Sustainability Agency in Yolo County and the development of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan.

Those meetings were held on Wednesday, February 8, 2017, in Woodland at the Yolo County Fairgrounds, Waite Hall and on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 in Winters at the Winters Community Center. Both meetings were well-attended.

For a summary of what has been accomplished read the 2016 SGMA Year in Review. Please visit the dedicated groundwater website for Yolo County: http://yologroundwater.org/ for more information about SGMA.


SGMA Public Outreach 2016

The Yolo County Farm Bureau and the WRA hosted three local public meetings in March 2016 to discuss the new groundwater law. The facilitated meetings held in Woodland, Winters and Clarksburg were very well attended by over 400 people. Many questions were addressed and input received from concerned stakeholders about the impacts of SGMA. In the next phase of the process, the SGMA Steering Committee will begin discussions about GSA governance and formation with the 32 eligible GSA entities in Yolo County. Information will be posted as available on the dedicated Yolo Groundwater website.


"Developing a Vision for Implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act 2014 (SGMA) for Stakeholders in Yolo County"

On September 14, 2015, the WRA Board of Directors approved entering into an agreement with the CA Dept. of Water Resources to use the Center for Collaborative Policy (CCP), under the management of Dave Ceppos, for facilitation services for development of a Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) for the Yolo County region. An Ad Hoc Committee of agency representatives from the WRA, the Yolo County Farm Bureau and selected stakeholders finalized the scope of work. In November 2015 the WRA Board approved the Ad Hoc Committee be transformed into the Steering Committee to further direct the work of the CCP. Public outreach meeting will be held in March 2016.


Water Conditions and Drought Updates

In April 2017 the State of California Administration promoted that "conservation must remain a way of life". Water reporting requirements by local agencies and the prohibition of wasteful water practices such as watering lawns during or after a rainfall will remain in place. Yolo County residents should consult their local city website for conservation recommendations. Several state agencies have released a framework for long-term water conservation, because we need to be prepared for the next drought cycle. https://water.ca.gov/Water-Basics/Drought

The statewide public education program SAVE OUR WATER provides information about water conservation inside and outside of our homes. The program is sponsored by the Association of California Water Agencies and the California Department of Water Resources. Yolo County cities have water conservation links for residents on their websites that are easily found on their homepages. Please visit one of these sites to educate yourself about the drought and the many ways you can reduce your water consumption to help stretch our precious water supplies.

California's Drought Portal

California's Most Significant Droughts (2015)  DWR Report


State Drought Grant Awards

The Westside-Sacramento IRWM Group was awarded $7 million for drought-relief projects in Yolo and Lake counties. Read the press release for details here


Message from Yolo County OES on Residential Dry Wells 5/4/15:

In order to open assistance to residents with dry wells they must have contact from the resident to document the occurrence and explore additional funding opportunities. If you are aware of a dry well or know someone who has a dry well please have them call the OES office at (530) 406-4930. This would include anyone who has a dry well, has had a dry well in the last year, installed a temporary water tank for residential use, or is having water hauled for residential use. The more aware of the situation they are, the better they can serve those impacted.

Governor Brown issues statewide mandatory water restrictions Executive Order B-29-15 4/1/15

Quick Facts about Water Use in California and Why You Should Conserve from Save Our H20

DWR Current Water Conditions

Drought Resources Links

UC Davis Drought Watch

Westside IRWMP Development

The Westside Regional Water Management Group received a $1 million Proposition 84 planning grant in 2011 to improve regional water planning efforts. The Westside RWMG is a five county collaboration of the following public agencies: Water Resources Association of Yolo County, Solano County Water Agency, Lake County Watershed Protection District, Napa County Flood Control & Water Conservation District and Colusa County Resource Conservation District. Public outreach meetings continue to be scheduled throughout the development of the Westside IRWMP to inform and engage the public. The final IRWMP is was adopted by all the MOU signatories by July 2013. The entire Westside IRWM Plan (including an Executive Summary) is available on the Westside IRWMP website.

2019 Westside IRWM Plan Update: The original Westside Sacramento IRWM Plan (2013) was based on the guidelines and requirements that came from the Department of Water Resources (DWR) in 2012. Since then, AB 1249 and SB 985 brought about new requirements, the 2013 update of the California Water Plan was released, and there was new guidance on how Native American Tribes will participate in IRWM. The Westside Plan needed to comply with all of these new requirements in order to qualify for Proposition 1 grant funds. AB 1249 addressed new water quality standards for nitrate, arsenic and perchlorate (hexavalent chromium). SB 985 required the incorporation of Stormwater Resources Plans.

The Westside Sacramento Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Update 2019 is now complete and was approved by the Regional Water Management Group on January 9th 2019. The plan must clear a detailed review by staff at DWR for the Region to be eligible for Prop 1 grant funds. The updated plan will be submitted to DWR for review in early March, 2019. To view the Plan, please go to the Westside-Sac IRWM's website: http://www.westsideirwm.com/plan.html


2018 Westside IRWM Disadvantaged/Unincorporated Community & Public Water System Study PPT presentation to Westside-Sac IRWM Coordinating Committee on September 12, 2018 by Dr. Jonathan London, UC Davis. Final study is available here.


2015 Westside IRWM Update: The Westside IRWM group received $7 million under the 2014 Emergency Drought Grant Solicitations funded by DWR. The City of Woodland and the Yolo County Flood Control & WCD each received $2 million for their drought-relief projects submitted. For more details visit www.westsideirwm.com

The Westside was also received an EPA Brownfields Program grant for an assessment of mercury contamination issues of old mining sites in the Putah and Cache Creek watersheds.


Yolo County IRWMP Update 2011

The status of projects and actions listed in the 2007 Yolo County IRWMP was updated in June 2011. Please visit the IRWMP page for more information.


Yolo County IRWMP Projects

For a complete listing of all the Integrated Actions please click here

Click here for more information about the floodSAFE Yolo Pilot Program.

Delta Issues and Planning Resources

“Water has become one of the most critical issues of our generation”, said former WRA Chair, Bill Marble. “It is increasingly more important that our member agencies work together to add a collective voice to the debate surrounding the Delta, water quality, and sustainability.” Members of the WRA Technical Committee continue to monitor and track various Delta planning process. For more information on Delta issues and planning, please visit some of the links below.

California Department of Water Resources - The Delta

Delta Vision Foundation

Delta Stewardship Council

Delta Protection Commission

EPA Bay Delta Conservation Plan/ California WaterFix

UC Davis Delta Solutions Program

US EPA Healthy Watersheds Program

Draft BDCP/BDCP EIR/EIS Comments by North State Water Alliance (July 2014) http://northstatewater.org/

County of Yolo - Delta Documents

The following documents can be found on the Delta eLibrary:

Yolo County Comments on the draft BDCP and draft BDCP EIR/EIS (Submitted July 2014)

Yolo Bypass Drainage and Water Infrastructure Improvement Study(FINAL April 2014)

Agricultural and Economic Impacts of Yolo Bypass Fish Habitat Proposals (April 2013)

Waterfowl Impacts of the Proposed Conservation Measure 2 for the Yolo Bypass - An effects analysis tool (July 2012)

Yolo Bypass MIKE-21 Model Review: Strengths, Limitations and Recommendations for Refinement (Sept. 2012)

County of Yolo - Adopted Ordinance #1426 Regulating Habitat Mitigation Projects January 29, 2013

County of Yolo Delta Priorities 2012 (Board Adopted)

Yolo Basin Foundation - Yolo Bypass Studies


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